Introduction to Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofFor much time, shingles were the only options available with the people for roofing and if they intend to opt for something else, it would cost them too much. For middle class people, metal roofing was nothing much then a dream. But that time has changed. Now metal roofing is seen on a large scale. If you are thinking that metal roof and standing seam metal roof are same then you are wrong. Standing seam metal roofing is a type of metal roofing. The reason behind this name standing seam is that there are continuous panels which run down from the ridge to the eaves. These seams are connected between the panels with the help of fasteners which are raised at a level which is above the metal roofing. Thus this is the concept behind the name standing seam unlike the regular flush mounted.


  • High seams

The benefit of standing seams lies in its name itself. Seams are the weakest point in other types of roof and a point for moisture consumption. They are raised at a level which is above roofing panel. This is not so in case of consumption shingles.

  • Lesser seams

As in standing seams, the metal panel goes up to down on the roof without any breakage, there is no need of horizontal seams. Thus it results in lesser number of seams.

  • Tough

Metal is indeed a very tough material. But this does not mean full proof to all problems. This toughness does not work in conditions of heavy falling limbs or if there is a severe hailstorm.

  • Cool roof

According to the result of US environmental protection agency, all type of metal roofing are considered to be very cool. The reason behind this is that it can be painted in any color. Even the colors with lighter end on the spectrum can be painted which is helpful in preventing solar heat gain.

  • Glossy looks

Standing seam roof gives a very glamorous look. It is a great choice for contemporary or country style houses. This type of roof gives an industrial type of feeling because of its smooth straight lines but along with a modern touch. Don’t keep a misconception that it is rippled tin roofs which you see in the warehouse of the old years because it is not at all like that.

  • Colors

In case of standing seam roof, you are availed with an option of selecting colors which are sun reflecting and even lighter. But its not at all meant that you have to compromise with the styling factor. Metal is available in different shades of colors say forest green, grey, brown or red. This options might not satisfy you as it is not so wide but still it is far more better than shingles.


  • Less roofers

Ask for one contractor for normal roof installing and you will get hundred. But it is not the case with metal roofing that too standing seam. Very limited contractors will be available for installation of metal roofing. And very few will be available who does it properly. Thus more time is occupied in finding one and as competition decreases, cost also goes up.

  • Cost

Standing seam metal roofing is an costly roofing specially as compared to shingles. But its cost can set off against its durability. Because it is durable and lasts for a long period of time.


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