How To Identify Hail Damage On Your Roof

Hail damage

Roof is indeed an extremely essential part for your home. As it is such essential part, you must be aware about each and every part of it and must be confident that there are no issues prevailing in your roof. You need a regular check of your roof whether it has any damage or not. If there is any damage and if you are not aware then it might cause you a big problem. Especially in rainy days water can enter your house through r5oofs, if roof is damaged and you have not checked and corrected it.

Coming to the hail damage, it’s very easy to determine the damage hail has done to your property like car or furniture or so as these are the things which are made from metal. It’s very simple to detect the damage as hail leaves the spots on these things. On the other hand it’s pretty much a tough task to spot hail damage on your roof shingles. You need the help of a professional expert roofer to detect this damage.

Any hail damage to your home roof can prove to be very insignificant as it speedily results in serious problems. This problem speedily boost up and results in leaks or slouches in the roofing. It’s advisable to have your roof inspected by the professional roofer every three years and specifically after any storm or high wind atmosphere which you might feel have damaged your roof. Here are some of the points to identify hail damage on your roof.

  • See the metal parts of your roof

Any part of the roofing which is of metal is more likely to get damaged by the hail. If your roof possesses any metal vents, valley or even flashing, then check those parts first for getting the signs of hail damage. These parts are easily affected by the hail and damage is also seen easily.

  • Check the top of your roof

If you are safe at climbing roofs then do so and check out the ridge cap at the top of your roof. This is the best way to check out the roof damage. During the storm, ridge cap takes direct hits from the storm as it has flat surface. This portion is most prominent if your roofing has got any damage from the hail. If you find out any damage on the ridge cap, then it is surety that there are also other portions which have got damaged by the hail.

  • Look out for the major signs of hail damage

There are three things for which you need to look out

  • Bruising
  • Cracking
  • Missing granules

Now if you get any missing pieces of asphalt on the roof, or if you find any shingles which have exposed black substrate they are definitely hit and damaged by the hail. If your roof is hit hard enough by a large hail then it leaves behind a visible big circular crack on the roof.

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