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6 Easy Ways to Keep your Home Cool

Easy Ways to Keep your Home CoolMany times in warmer climate we go for onning up the AC right? But at the same time we also go for thinking that that must not be worked more because of the expectation of getting higher consumption of bill and energy. Well, it is considered to be easy which can help you in going for the ways of keeping your home cool. Being smart is considered to be the duty of the home owners which they must go for at the time of finding for the easy ways of keeping your home cool. These are not only the tips of keeping your home cool rather you can call for the ways which can help you in making and controlling your energy consumption at your home which is considered to be beneficial for the home owners only.

This article will help you in advising you with the easiest ways to keep your home cool which you can go for trying up at your home. I bet on you that it will help you in getting the cool air as compared to the AC which is being installed in your home. there are many different and easy ways of keeping your home cool which you can go for at your home like getting on the blinds and not removing it from your windows, get the smart ideas of closing your doors and windows which are installed in your home, etc. and more of the things which you can go for considering to be the easy ways to keeping your home cool.

Easy ways to keep your home cool

  • The most common type of phenomena which you can go for trying up at your home at the time of thinking of going for keeping your home cool is closing of your blinds which are being installed in your home.
  • Yes, if the blinds are closed than it will not let the hot air or summery rays to enter up your home and this will help you in leading with getting the cooler rooms in your home. According to the research it is being proved that up to 35 percent of heat enters up through windows.
  • Which you need to go for avoiding and with the help of closing your blinds. Keep your doors and windows to be closed. Yes you heard it right.
  • During day time keep the doors and windows closed which can help you in maintaining the room temperature and at night go for opening the doors and windows which can help the cool air travel in to your home and gets the perfect cool temperature which you are in need of.
  • Go for hacking up and using of fans rather than going for the use of air conditioning at your home. I know it is considered to be difficult but if you try it harder than you can go for hacking this too.
  • Fans works and get you to the temperature which you are in need of at the time of thinking of getting and keeping your home cool.

Tips of Cleaning your Kitchen

Tips of Cleaning your KitchenKitchen is considered to be one of the important parts of your home. We all want that our kitchen must be neat and spotlessly clean right? So for this you must go for cleaning your kitchen in a better manner so that you can enjoy up your best part of the home. Not only for the matters of enjoying but, cleaning your kitchen also help you in maintaining the hygiene which will be beneficial for the home owners. Cleaning your kitchen from the bottom surface to the furniture and fixtures which are being installed in your kitchen must be neat and spotless clean which will help you in increasing the life of the things which are being installed in your kitchen.

The further information of the tips of cleaning your kitchen will help you in getting better knowledge of the things which you are going to comply with in your kitchen at your home. It is considered to be important for the home owners of going with the mandate thing of cleaning your kitchen because it will help you making your home look better and enhanced. There are many tips of cleaning your kitchen which you can go for like removing stains from your kitchen platform surface, make the use of baking soda for increasing the glow of your tiles which are being installed in your kitchen, etc. and many more of the things which you need to go for at the time of going for cleaning your kitchen at your home.

Tips of cleaning your kitchen

  • Making the use of baking soda for mopping up your tiles

One of the important tips which the home owners must go for ta the time of cleaning your kitchen is the use of baking soda which can help you in removing the bad stains which have been attested to your flooring. Well I know it looks very much dirty of getting such stained wall, but this mixture will help you in cleaning up your walls of the kitchen and the flooring too in the best manner which you can have. Mix up the backing soda ion to water which you must take the proper quantity so that you can get better solution of it and apply it on the surface of the floor. And after that rinse it properly for getting the best results.

  • Making the use of vinegar

Vinegar is considered to be such element which ac n help you in removing the salt from the surface of your kitchen flooring because many times we observe that because of the bad water, the salt takes its place on to it and thus the role of vinegar is to remove up the accumulation of salt which you can observe up in your kitchen. Take vinegar and apply it on the portion whereby you notice up the salt and leave it for at least 20 to 30 minutes. This will help you in reacting and removing the salt presence from the top surface of your kitchen which is making your kitchen more dirty in look. But these tips of cleaning your kitchen will help you in getting all the presence of cleaning your kitchen in a better manner.

Tips on handling the cracks in your wall

wall care, home careCracks n any wall can be the sign of upcoming danger. Cracks can mean breaking up of the paint, or water leakage or even loosening of the foundation of the home. It needs to be taken care off as soon as visible. Here are the ways in which you can take care of these cracks that appear on your wall.

• If you do not want to spend time and energy on repairing the cracks by yourself then you have the easy way of handing over the work to the professional contractors.
• If you are looking to mend these cracks by yourself then you will have to find the cracks first. This can be a tiring job as you need to search every corner of the wall.
• After you have searched the crack it’s time now to make a mixture to seal these cracks. The mixture is basically the concrete mixture that is used.
• After sealing the cracks using the mixture let it dry for hours and later you can paint the patch to make the wall look the same all over.
In these simple ways you can mend the cracks that are present in the wall.

Proper Ventilation Is Essential For Healthy Home

Ventilation, home improvementProper ventilation is very important for a comfortable and healthy home. The reason behind this is that the indoor air can turn out to be very harmful than the outdoor air surrounding our home. Indoor air is normally very dusty, humid, stale and dry.

By installing ceiling fans, bath fans and exhaust fans, the quality of the indoor air can be maintained. Therefore fans as well as vents are very essential for your home. If there is proper ventilation then the growth of mildews and molds will be prevented, you will be protected from pollutants and your home will be protected from damages.

Nowadays homes have become air tight because of the modern construction techniques and this is diminishing the quality of indoor air tremendously. Consequently proper ventilation becomes a must in every household. The rooms in the house that need good ventilation are: living rooms, bed rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms.

Tip To Install Insulated Window Gazing

Insulated Window Gazing, home careInsulated window gazing is one of the best ways of staying warm and reducing your heating bills. The ECT maintains that double gazed insulated windows bearing their logo with the B rating practically saves all the heat lost via a single gazed wooden frame window, and thus decreases the heating bill by about 130 pounds every year.

Fiber glass insulation sheets are available also to fit in appropriately between your rafters on the roof to avoid heat escaping through the roof. Care should be taken to insure sure footing during installation and fiber glass skin contact should be avoided. Up gradation of boilers can be done with flame retardant PVC covers and thermal jackets. Using double gazed insulated windows are the best way of keeping your home insulated but these tips also add up in their own ways and helps us get that warm cozy eel during the winters.

How to Mend a Cracked Floor

Repair Cracked Floor, floor maintenanceIf you have a cracked floor then with the right tools, you can repair it yourself. You will need a chisel, a brush, cotton, rags, cement filled, and a wet-dry vacuum. First of all, inspect the crack. If it seems edged out and rugged at some parts, chisel away the rough edges very carefully. Then, use a brush, and clean out any debris or any kind of foreign material.

Use the wet-dry vacuum on the area and do the final cleanup. After making sure that it’s clean you should use a rag and brush off residue and use the cement filler. Pat it down and smoothen and feather it out with the cotton pads. Let it dry. After an hour, come and inspect it. If needed add some more cement fillers. Pat it down and let it dry completely.

Tips for maintaining your humidifier

Tips to maintain humidifier, home careA humidifier is used during the winter season to provide great comfort. It acts as a fix for health, comfort and other interior problems caused by dint of dry air. The Humidifier helps to relieve dry and itchy skin by dispersing amounts of invisible mist of moisture through a fixed space. It moisturizes parched respiratory passages, and reduces the amount of static electricity in the indoor environment. Howbeit, if not properly maintained the boon can result to be a health hazard.

All humidifier carry a risk of the growth of bacteria and mold. This takes place by dint of either not cleaning the parts of the humidifiers or filling the humidifier with mineral rich tap water. When bacteria or mold that grows gets mixed with the mineral tap water then it will contaminate the water reservoir. Regularly inhaling air from this contaminated reservoir may result in severe health problems. Hence precaution and prevention is the key. Regular cleaning, changing of water, use of distilled water instead of mineral, may easily garner a long term humidifier without any health problems.

Polishing your marble flooring

Tips to polish hardwood floors, hardwood floorDo you want to polish your marble flooring? There are many advantages of polishing the floor. The main advantage is that the floor becomes durable and log lasting. This means your floor will look new for many years. Polishing of floors actually removes all the scuffs and scratches on the floor. You should regularly at periodic intervals polish the marble floors. This will actually give a new look to your home.

The first thing you have to do to polish the floor is that you should clean the floor properly. After cleaning and removing the dust from the floor you can apply the polish material on the floor. This polish material is easily available in the market. You may choose the best quality polish material because it can last for a longer period of time. You may also take help from a professional to do the polish of your marble flooring.