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An Introduction To Modular Homes

Facts about Modular homes

Guidelines about modular homes

Modular home is a home which is built indoors in a factory type setting. The finished products are then covered and transported to new locations where all of them are assembled by the builder. If you are thinking that modular home is mobile home only then you are wrong. It’s not mobile home; it’s just a home which is not built off-site as compared to those homes which are built on-side. Modular homes are also known as prefab homes, system built home or factory built homes.  Even many people mix up modular homes with manufactured homes which are totally different concepts on a whole. Manufactured homes are not placed on a solid and permanent foundation whereas modular homes are placed on a permanent and stable foundation.

Modular homes are generally built in a factory setting and hence it can finish in few weeks only as opposed to few months. Modular homes don’t have to face the typical delays of weather and such issues which on site homes have to generally face. Modular homes have to comply with guidelines, specific rules and building codes which traditional on site build homes don’t have to follow. When you are choosing to go for modular homes, it’s essential to make some research and contact certain companies before finalizing on one. There can be varied difference in price, service and quality. So check out what services are available in which price and which company is more reliable as compared to that of other.

Many people have a misconception that all the modular homes look similar which is of course not true. Modular homes do not have any design limitations. You can have your modular home of any specific style or any specific type you want. You can add any architectural beauty or specification to your modular home.

Modular homes are such homes which are built into sections in area which is totally climate controlled. These sections are then transferred to the building site and then they are assembled with cranes. Modular homes are such which cannot be moved from their place after they have been placed and set on their foundations. When you are planning to have modular home of your own, it’s very important to ask your manufacturer some questions as different manufacturers have different set and process of work.  Modular homes makes you available with plenty of features which include solid surface countertop, ceramic floors, wood species, various styles of cabinets, plumbing fixtures, exterior finishes etc.

Despite of so many benefits and options, modular homes are quite a budgetary option for you. They can save you many bucks. As they are constructed indoors, they can be built very quickly in weeks only instead of months as there are no weather delays. Even there are no material delays and hence there is less cost of labor and these factors make modular homes less expensive. However it also has price ranges. If the design of the home is more complex than the price will be higher and on a contrary if design is simple, price will be lower.

Stone patio – why in the world should you want it ?

Stone patioA patio is generally located outdoors and it is generally used as a place for recreational activities, you can also use it for dining purpose. If you think that you’ll be using your patio throughout the year then you should consider installing stone patio. Stone patios are sure to last for a long time and also they’re cost-effective. You will find other patio materials on the market like, concrete, brick, wood, etc which might cost less than stone patio but you should choose stone patio nevertheless because you won’t have to worry about regular maintenance costs and also you won’t have to spend a lot of money to repair the damaged parts and also if damaged the stone patio does not need to be replaced as a whole. You should know that stone patios are found even in centuries old archaeological findings. The benefits of having a stone patio are given below:

• You will find stone patios of different colours in the market.
• You will also find that there are many types of stone patios available on the market. You will also find stones that have been brought from a foreign country.
• Stone patios have a natural appearance.
• If you install a stone patio then it is needless to say that durability is one of the major advantages.
• Stone patio will have less chance of becoming uneven due to weather conditions. You can grow grass, moss etc in order to fill the gap between stone patios.
• Flagstone patios are less likely to become slippery.
• If you install stone patio then you will also have the option for installing other stone landscaping stuffs like waterfall, fountains etc.
• A stone patio is very less likely to become dull over time.
• You should also keep it in mind that installing a stone patio is eco-friendly as well.
• Stone patio accentuates the elegance of your home.
• A stone patio also makes your house appear very attractive overall.

Generally two types of stone patios are available on the market, new and reclaimed. The reclaimed stone costs less than the new ones. The reclaimed stones look is natural and thus it fits well in a natural set up. But if your house has a modern look then you should buy new stones for your patio. The seller will cut the stones as you might require and also you will be able to add a finishing that you like to those stones.

As stone patios cost a lot of money, you should let a professional lay the patio. You should ask a professional beforehand about how much material you will need. You can also get an idea about how much you’ll have to spend on the patio material by asking a professional. Different materials have different prices. You should ask the professional you’ve hired for the project if he can get you the material at a good price. You should see to it that the patio is laid in a proper manner. After the patio is laid, as mentioned earlier, you won’t have to spend a lot of money or effort for the purpose of maintenance of your patio. All you’ll need to do is clean the patio and if moss or such things develop due to dampness you’d have to clean them as well.

What is crown molding?

crown moldingCrown molding can be found in various sizes and designs. Some of them can be just plain and simple while some may have intricate designs including leaves and images of flowers. In the stores you will find the readymade crown moldings but there are options to customize them as well. The materials used in crown molding are many. Softwood is the main ingredient which includes pine, spruce or poplar. They are easily available and the price is also affordable. In addition to this they can be cut easily and the installation procedure is also easy. Crown molding can also be made of MDF which is a medium density board. Apart from this high density polyurethane foam is also used for crown molding. They can be attached quickly and easy to handle. You will not require the use of any hardware such as frames, ceilings and nails to attach them to the walls. This material gives an added advantage to the crown molding. The foam does not expand, shrink or warp like wood and most importantly they do not respond to climatic changes. One advantage which wooden moldings have over foam moldings is the polish and the design. The polish is more in the wooden crown moldings while the MDF or foam moldings are made to look like the wooden.

When it comes to style and design crown moldings there are plenty. There are also custom crown moldings which are unique and attractive. If you check the home improvement stores you will find lots of designs and some of the ones which are custom made are also available so that people can understand what the designs might be. For the custom designs you would have to give a picture first according to which the company would make the crown molding.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo FlooringBamboo is considered as a grass instead of a tree. It grows more quickly than most types of hardwood. Because of this similar quality to hardwood, bamboo flooring has become an alternative for flooring. Bamboo flooring is known for its durability and strength along with its resistance to insects. The material is also known to be ‘eco friendly’.

Bamboo is liked by environmentalists because it requires very little pesticides and fertilizers. During the manufacturing process of bamboo flooring, many by products are dumped into local rivers and streams because of which it is very essential for consumers to buy bamboo from a reputable manufacturer. So far, the two top manufacturers of bamboo flooring are Teragren and Ecotimber.

Bamboo flooring faces a number of problems as well. One of the problems faced by bamboo flooring is that bamboos are transported from countries that don’t have many regulations. This also is one of the reasons why consumers have to choose well reputed companies before buying bamboo flooring. Consumers should check whether the product comes up to the standards that are set by the Federal Stewardship Council. Bamboo that is older than two years should be chosen as the best bamboo is harvested every five or six years.

Bamboo flooring has an advantage over hardwood flooring as it performs well in areas that are exposed to water as it is water and stain resistant and is harder than hardwood and even scratch resistant because of which floors are easy to clean and maintain. It is even easy to use a mop on floors with bamboo flooring.

It is very important to have a good floor installer to install bamboo flooring as at times it may be difficult to float a bamboo floor. Hence these are the points that should be kept in mind before buying a bamboo floor.

Installing A Stone Wall In Your Home

Stone Wall in homeThere is something extremely appealing about stone-walls. It gives a very vintage feel to the place. If you have a fairly large house and you want to give your home a facelift, then you can try your hand at decorating the place by building a stone-wall. You would need to chalk pout a plan and place for this project as it would bring about a big change to whichever room you choose for this.

• Choose an area for your stone wall

Many people choose the drawing room for this kind of a wall. If you have a replace in your den or study then this would enhance the feel of the room in a great manner. You could also choose to put a stone wall in your kitchen for a classic French or Irish feel.

• Type of stone wall

The type of stone wall you choose for your enhancement is also an important factor to consider. You can use faux stone, if your budget is not that high. Otherwise, you can go for a brick veneer option for a little higher budget. If you’re planning to get the genuine stuff, then you can definitely go for the stone veneer.

• Plan it out

You must always make sure that the measurements of the walls and the stone pieces are fixed properly. You should consult with your constructor about this so that everything is perfectly planned. You can go for similar sized stone pieces or you can even go for a varied pattern for a more natural look.

• Managing the money

For the budget cuts, you can get your own raw materials. Some constructors give a discount if you get your own raw materials. Buying them in bulk would save you some money too.

Different roofing options

Roofing ideas , roofingPrior getting the roofing materials for your home you need to consider certain facts like the climate of the place you are residing, whether the materials would be enough suitable to survive extreme climatic conditions. In addition to this, make sure to take into account the cost of the material as well. There are prolific options of the roofing materials that you can come across like Fiberglass shingles and Asphalt. These are little bit costly, but you can clean it according to your convenience. However, the longevity is less. Moreover, it would not enhance the beauty of your home.

Next, you can try out the cedar cakes, shingles because they have good longevity, and could be used conveniently. Moreover, they also do decorate the outer portion of your home. The best thing is that they are e co friendly as well. In addition to this, you can also try out the concrete tile and the ironwood.

Hot Construction Demands In The International Market

constructionThe international market for construction has been characterized by rising demands in heavy machinery and technology for greener and cleaner building constructions. The government expenditure on more freeways, bridges and connecting roads also has risen to a good extent in the recent years following globalization in business and communication. There has been a huge increase in mining and construction heavy machinery for the completion of residential and business projects in the continents of Asia and Africa after the last recession.

There has been a remarkable increase in demand for residential constructions as more people tend to acquire interest in real estate investment. Green buildings and more capital intensive construction projects increased the demand for construction equipment globally. A rapid progress in the economic situation has fueled a spectacular growth in construction business especially in Asia, Africa and South America. China has been leading in demand for wheel loaders and excavating machines.

How to get construction material at cheap rates

Cheap construction material, construction tipsIf you’re planning on a few construction projects at home or if you’re looking forward to remodeling your kitchen/attic/bathroom, etc. then you need to buy a lot of construction materials for the project. Since you will be buying various materials in bulk it is a good idea to look for ways to buy these construction materials at cheaper rates. Make a list of the materials you need. Once you have done that, cross out the ones which you already have.

Look for garage sales and visit flea markets. There these materials may be sold at less than half the price. But always check them before paying the seller. This is important as these materials sold are usually second hand and old. Also you might not find the same seller later on if you come back after finding a fault. Also make sure that you ask around the neighborhood for spare materials which could be useful in your project.

Innovative constructions for your modular home

Modular home, construction ideasWondering how to make your modular home look attractive? Well, you can implement some very innovative ideas to add that special touch to your home. Addition of some constructions in your modular home will definitely lend a beautiful touch to its entire appearance. Having a modular home not only serves you the reason for having a well equipped home with all the facilities. Working in a kitchen with a modular decor will help you in working well.

You can add up extra modular kitchen to your modular home. you will also have the latest equipments for your bathroom too. Modular furniture can also spice up your home. the modular homes are better to live in as it makes your living quite easy and simple along with it they help in saving power of your house thus helping you save a great deal of electric bill. So switch to a modular home and have a better living.

Problems of tract house framing

Tract house framing, home constructionIn this fast world where all the people are busy in rat race, the pace of house construction has also increased. The fast pace of construction has some serious problems and disadvantages associated with it. The fast tracking is a process in which a house can be constructed in a superfast way that can be humanly possible. This means that the plumbers, electricians and framers will work in the same house at the same time. You can well understand that the workers will be in so much pressure. They have to work even six days a week and also from 7.00 in the morning till 5.00 in the evening. Literally they have to work from sunrise to sunset and if they cannot do this, then may be the Sundays will also be booked.

The fast tracking is a very tiring process which involves a lot of hard work and pressure. The other problems include that the workers can demand more money, they may not do the work properly in order to finish it in hurry, but above all the tract house framing involves a lot of pressure both physically and mentally.