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Green building and construction

Green building, Green ConstructionGreen building and construction refers to the way of going about with the job of construction using products that will not harm the environment. Therefore, it is actually an eco friendly way constriction that would not add to the problems of environment pollution. It is important that the codes of green building and construction are implemented because construction causes almost 39% of the total emissions of carbon dioxide in the United States of America.

It is also noted that the 70 percent of the electricity in the Unites States is consumed by construction and about 15 trillion gallons of water is used up for the same. Therefore, it is important that energy for construction work is derived from sources that are renewable. Therefore, according to the green building codes, solar energy and wind energy are recommended to be used as the source of energy. To sum it up, green building and construction is actually a part of sustainable development.

Green guidelines for commercial construction

commercial construction, green constructionThe IGCC or the International Green Construction has been launched by the International Code Council. The code has been implemented as a means to reduce the usage of energy and the footprint of carbon on the commercial buildings. It is a technique that has been developed to promote green construction.

It is an important guideline and the implementation would be crucial as almost fifty percent of energy is used by the construction of buildings and almost the same amount of carbon is released in the air through emissions. Therefore, according to the green guidelines, there would be a check of the resources that are used in construction buildings and it is by law that the construction companies would be abiding by those guidelines. The guidelines include use off solar energy, wind energy and water energy and also using paints and other construction materials that do not harm the environment.

Steel framing: A steep towards building green

Steel framing, green constructionHuman beings are progressive at an enormous rate of speed. For this, growth, man needs institutions of practice and the first step towards an organized institutionalizing, man needs buildings. Be it for residence, of for business, constructing buildings are a necessity. However, the materials needed for such construction is needed in massive scale and the resource is from nowhere but nature.

There is a limit to the natural materials available in nature. Therefore, man has to look for an alternative so that he can satiate his demand and yet keep the process sustainable. Steel is a material that is processed. it is produced through laboratory and not simply snatched away from the lap of nature like wood. Steel is also an easier material to work with and the cost of working with steel on the site of construction is much less as compared to a lot of other materials. Therefore, steel framing is definitely a step towards building green.

Include green elements in your home construction

Green home construction, home construction tipsUnlike many, if you agree that building green costs more or less the same as conventional methods, you are doubtlessly prudent. Green building or including green elements in the construction of your home are few changes in the construction and designs, to gather great improvements in the performance of your sweet home. It is the practise to promote the well being and economic health of your family, locality, community, and the vast environment. Many a times it is found that the government gives some sort of incentives to some of the green building projects. Also many tax breaks are allowed to the projects bearers of green building, it’s for a global cause ‘go global live healthy’. Comprehensively it calls for craftsmanship and inundated experience to build a live long green home. But yes after it’s prelude after agree that it is a gratifying attempt to save greenery.