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Stone patio – why in the world should you want it ?

Stone patioA patio is generally located outdoors and it is generally used as a place for recreational activities, you can also use it for dining purpose. If you think that you’ll be using your patio throughout the year then you should consider installing stone patio. Stone patios are sure to last for a long time and also they’re cost-effective. You will find other patio materials on the market like, concrete, brick, wood, etc which might cost less than stone patio but you should choose stone patio nevertheless because you won’t have to worry about regular maintenance costs and also you won’t have to spend a lot of money to repair the damaged parts and also if damaged the stone patio does not need to be replaced as a whole. You should know that stone patios are found even in centuries old archaeological findings. The benefits of having a stone patio are given below:

• You will find stone patios of different colours in the market.
• You will also find that there are many types of stone patios available on the market. You will also find stones that have been brought from a foreign country.
• Stone patios have a natural appearance.
• If you install a stone patio then it is needless to say that durability is one of the major advantages.
• Stone patio will have less chance of becoming uneven due to weather conditions. You can grow grass, moss etc in order to fill the gap between stone patios.
• Flagstone patios are less likely to become slippery.
• If you install stone patio then you will also have the option for installing other stone landscaping stuffs like waterfall, fountains etc.
• A stone patio is very less likely to become dull over time.
• You should also keep it in mind that installing a stone patio is eco-friendly as well.
• Stone patio accentuates the elegance of your home.
• A stone patio also makes your house appear very attractive overall.

Generally two types of stone patios are available on the market, new and reclaimed. The reclaimed stone costs less than the new ones. The reclaimed stones look is natural and thus it fits well in a natural set up. But if your house has a modern look then you should buy new stones for your patio. The seller will cut the stones as you might require and also you will be able to add a finishing that you like to those stones.

As stone patios cost a lot of money, you should let a professional lay the patio. You should ask a professional beforehand about how much material you will need. You can also get an idea about how much you’ll have to spend on the patio material by asking a professional. Different materials have different prices. You should ask the professional you’ve hired for the project if he can get you the material at a good price. You should see to it that the patio is laid in a proper manner. After the patio is laid, as mentioned earlier, you won’t have to spend a lot of money or effort for the purpose of maintenance of your patio. All you’ll need to do is clean the patio and if moss or such things develop due to dampness you’d have to clean them as well.

Tips to decorate your driveway

decorate your drivewaySome knowledge of elementary earth work which includes being able to set up elevations along the driveways drainage, site clearing, center line position and compaction of the driveway surface material are required to build a driveway. Constructing a new driveway to a home or building can be an important task. If you have everything just follow the steps to decorate your driveway:

• Clean the area – You need to shred your driveway of any sealers or coat, before you begin to rematerialse it. You also want to take a look at the climatic conditions because the temperature should preferably be above 50 degrees for the first 8 hours and around 20 degrees for the next 24 hours. This is the reason why resurfacing is mostly carried out in summer. Once the resurfacing is complete your driveway will appear to be beautiful and new.

• Blast dirt off the surface – For blasting off the surface with high pressure water at 3500psi you may need to wear heavy boots with protective glasses. For this work you may hire a gas powered washer. You desire to clean the surface by fitting a 25 degree tip and holding it around 8 inches from your driveway and spin it on. The concept is to remove dirt, algae and mildew from the plane.

• Mix up the resurface – Mix up the necessary quantity of resurfacer as the driveway is still sodden, then blend 1 part of water with 7 parts of resurfacer in a bucket. Make use of paddle mixer fixed to bore to merge it. Then fill all the alcoves with the surfacer and smooth it with trowel.

• Filling your driveway – You may require filling the driveway joints by using peel and glue foams and also moisten the concrete if it has dried up before now. Without any additional postponement discharge the mixture on the driveway as you have just 20 minutes to apply the resurfacer. Begin spreading the resurfacer until and unless it is 1/8 inch thick. You may need to wait for 5 minutes before sweeping a thick nylon bristle broom on the recently resurfaced driveway if you want a non slippery surface.

What is crown molding?

crown moldingCrown molding can be found in various sizes and designs. Some of them can be just plain and simple while some may have intricate designs including leaves and images of flowers. In the stores you will find the readymade crown moldings but there are options to customize them as well. The materials used in crown molding are many. Softwood is the main ingredient which includes pine, spruce or poplar. They are easily available and the price is also affordable. In addition to this they can be cut easily and the installation procedure is also easy. Crown molding can also be made of MDF which is a medium density board. Apart from this high density polyurethane foam is also used for crown molding. They can be attached quickly and easy to handle. You will not require the use of any hardware such as frames, ceilings and nails to attach them to the walls. This material gives an added advantage to the crown molding. The foam does not expand, shrink or warp like wood and most importantly they do not respond to climatic changes. One advantage which wooden moldings have over foam moldings is the polish and the design. The polish is more in the wooden crown moldings while the MDF or foam moldings are made to look like the wooden.

When it comes to style and design crown moldings there are plenty. There are also custom crown moldings which are unique and attractive. If you check the home improvement stores you will find lots of designs and some of the ones which are custom made are also available so that people can understand what the designs might be. For the custom designs you would have to give a picture first according to which the company would make the crown molding.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo FlooringBamboo is considered as a grass instead of a tree. It grows more quickly than most types of hardwood. Because of this similar quality to hardwood, bamboo flooring has become an alternative for flooring. Bamboo flooring is known for its durability and strength along with its resistance to insects. The material is also known to be ‘eco friendly’.

Bamboo is liked by environmentalists because it requires very little pesticides and fertilizers. During the manufacturing process of bamboo flooring, many by products are dumped into local rivers and streams because of which it is very essential for consumers to buy bamboo from a reputable manufacturer. So far, the two top manufacturers of bamboo flooring are Teragren and Ecotimber.

Bamboo flooring faces a number of problems as well. One of the problems faced by bamboo flooring is that bamboos are transported from countries that don’t have many regulations. This also is one of the reasons why consumers have to choose well reputed companies before buying bamboo flooring. Consumers should check whether the product comes up to the standards that are set by the Federal Stewardship Council. Bamboo that is older than two years should be chosen as the best bamboo is harvested every five or six years.

Bamboo flooring has an advantage over hardwood flooring as it performs well in areas that are exposed to water as it is water and stain resistant and is harder than hardwood and even scratch resistant because of which floors are easy to clean and maintain. It is even easy to use a mop on floors with bamboo flooring.

It is very important to have a good floor installer to install bamboo flooring as at times it may be difficult to float a bamboo floor. Hence these are the points that should be kept in mind before buying a bamboo floor.

A Guide On Sunroom Construction

Sunroom ConstructionSunroom construction happens to be a pretty important aspect of concern for homeowners. Looking at the technicalities it does seem to be quite natural to feel a bit jumpy or edgy on this issue. In case you are looking at a renovation work or construction of the sunroom then here is a helpful guide. Let’s do the legwork together. Let us make it a point to delve deep into the aspect.

• Be very careful of the position. It is in fact really important that you are going to cast a cautious glance at this issue. in order to do justice with the exact requirements of the room you need to make it a point that the room is south facing.
• In this connection you have to set up a budget. Having the right budgetary plan is kind of a must for you. Make it sure that you have the right budgetary plan at your disposal before you even think of starting off with the project.
• Take suggestions and help from the zoning board in your neighborhood. the board might be very helpful to you. get to know the specific zoning laws as well as building codes from them,
• Now focus on the features that you would like to see in the sunroom. Focus on the design elements. Would you like to hire a roofing expert like Davis Roofing to install a sunroof? Have a rain check of the cooling as well as heating system. Take a look of the furniture which you need to install over there.

You bet that you do need to keep a close eye on whatever aspects have been expounded over here. They are definitely going to come pretty handy to you in the long run. Make it a point that you are going to be very careful and cautious to the facts that have been discussed over here. These facts are in reality going to prove to be a big help.

Mosaic tiles add a charm to your interiors

Mosaic tilesIf you are having a plan to redecorate the interiors of your house or office, mosaic tiles are the best options. If you choose it once, you will be able to know the reason yourself. Mosaic tiles have become so popular these days because installing this on your roof does not need any special technical skill.

The look alike flat stones are assembled and are glued over supportive mesh backing and thus creates a seamless tile called mosaic. You can definitely show your creativity by choosing a unique design and re decorate your interiors, starting from the kitchen floor to the bathroom. South East Asia has a lot of colorful stones on the seashores and the most popular place where these mosaic stones are available in abundance is Indonesia.

The very first advantage is that this kind of a floor can be cleaned and maintained easily. Almost no amount of extra effort is required for it. Secondly it provides a beautiful look to your house which will not even cause a big blow to your pocket. And finally it is a process which can be opted for a small surface even where conventional ceramic tiles of fixed sizes will not fit.

Most of the time you take too much tension regarding the maintenance of your beautiful floor which tend to lose its beauty with time, but in case of mosaic tiles the process is very easy. Sealants are recommended to apply every 2 to 3 years to hold the natural beauty of the stones. Natural stone color enhancer can be used to enhance the colors of the mosaic stones before applying the sealants.

Mosaic tile Installation is an easy process to go through because it requires no more than several hours to finish. You will very easily be able to find out the benefits that this type of floor improvement technique provides and it is advisable for the home-makers to keep the above tips in mind before planning an installation.

Installing A Stone Wall In Your Home

Stone Wall in homeThere is something extremely appealing about stone-walls. It gives a very vintage feel to the place. If you have a fairly large house and you want to give your home a facelift, then you can try your hand at decorating the place by building a stone-wall. You would need to chalk pout a plan and place for this project as it would bring about a big change to whichever room you choose for this.

• Choose an area for your stone wall

Many people choose the drawing room for this kind of a wall. If you have a replace in your den or study then this would enhance the feel of the room in a great manner. You could also choose to put a stone wall in your kitchen for a classic French or Irish feel.

• Type of stone wall

The type of stone wall you choose for your enhancement is also an important factor to consider. You can use faux stone, if your budget is not that high. Otherwise, you can go for a brick veneer option for a little higher budget. If you’re planning to get the genuine stuff, then you can definitely go for the stone veneer.

• Plan it out

You must always make sure that the measurements of the walls and the stone pieces are fixed properly. You should consult with your constructor about this so that everything is perfectly planned. You can go for similar sized stone pieces or you can even go for a varied pattern for a more natural look.

• Managing the money

For the budget cuts, you can get your own raw materials. Some constructors give a discount if you get your own raw materials. Buying them in bulk would save you some money too.

Why to go for rammed earth construction?

rammed earth construction, construction tipsRammed earth construction is very popular these days among the modern day architects given its number of benefits. To start with, rammed earth construction promises great thermal mass which ensures protection from extreme climatic conditions. Then, it also comes up with noise reduction benefits. The very thick rammed walls will keep you unperturbed from the loud horns and traffic noises outside assuring a serene environ in your home.

Then, it’s good to inform that rammed earth construction is always strong, durable & weather resistant. Moreover it’s a fireproof construction material as well. Thus, a rammed earth construction will be great for houses amidst leafy suburbs and bushy settings.

Then, it’s good to inform that rammed earth can be utilized in several styles, textures, shades, finishes, artwork and patterns. The natural product gels with environment & with other different natural & man-made construction materials. Your rammed earth home will always promise of security and solidity.

DIY tips for constructing a driveway

constructing a drivewayA driveway is a must for any homes. The driveways are the places where the cars drive in your home and stands there. During the entry of the home there may be some cars that may have a problem and can spill some oil on the driveway. If you select the correct material to build a driveway then maintaining it can be a real simple task. The concrete driveway is one of the best materials that you can select. Concrete can easily be maintained and washed. You can build this driveway by your own by following these simple steps.

  • First buy all the required materials to build up a driveway. You can buy it yourself as a delivery could charge you a good amount of money.
  • Now as you are ready first you need to plan the construction well.
  • As the plan is made you would need to pen down the plan. You also need to draw a drawing of the desired plan. This drawing will be pretty helpful.
  • After the drawing is made you now need to proceed with the building up of the driveway. You must follow the drawing block by block.

By using these steps you can build your own driveway easily.

Tips on handling the cracks in your wall

wall care, home careCracks n any wall can be the sign of upcoming danger. Cracks can mean breaking up of the paint, or water leakage or even loosening of the foundation of the home. It needs to be taken care off as soon as visible. Here are the ways in which you can take care of these cracks that appear on your wall.

• If you do not want to spend time and energy on repairing the cracks by yourself then you have the easy way of handing over the work to the professional contractors.
• If you are looking to mend these cracks by yourself then you will have to find the cracks first. This can be a tiring job as you need to search every corner of the wall.
• After you have searched the crack it’s time now to make a mixture to seal these cracks. The mixture is basically the concrete mixture that is used.
• After sealing the cracks using the mixture let it dry for hours and later you can paint the patch to make the wall look the same all over.
In these simple ways you can mend the cracks that are present in the wall.