An Introduction To Modular Homes

Facts about Modular homes

Guidelines about modular homes

Modular home is a home which is built indoors in a factory type setting. The finished products are then covered and transported to new locations where all of them are assembled by the builder. If you are thinking that modular home is mobile home only then you are wrong. It’s not mobile home; it’s just a home which is not built off-site as compared to those homes which are built on-side. Modular homes are also known as prefab homes, system built home or factory built homes.  Even many people mix up modular homes with manufactured homes which are totally different concepts on a whole. Manufactured homes are not placed on a solid and permanent foundation whereas modular homes are placed on a permanent and stable foundation.

Modular homes are generally built in a factory setting and hence it can finish in few weeks only as opposed to few months. Modular homes don’t have to face the typical delays of weather and such issues which on site homes have to generally face. Modular homes have to comply with guidelines, specific rules and building codes which traditional on site build homes don’t have to follow. When you are choosing to go for modular homes, it’s essential to make some research and contact certain companies before finalizing on one. There can be varied difference in price, service and quality. So check out what services are available in which price and which company is more reliable as compared to that of other.

Many people have a misconception that all the modular homes look similar which is of course not true. Modular homes do not have any design limitations. You can have your modular home of any specific style or any specific type you want. You can add any architectural beauty or specification to your modular home.

Modular homes are such homes which are built into sections in area which is totally climate controlled. These sections are then transferred to the building site and then they are assembled with cranes. Modular homes are such which cannot be moved from their place after they have been placed and set on their foundations. When you are planning to have modular home of your own, it’s very important to ask your manufacturer some questions as different manufacturers have different set and process of work.  Modular homes makes you available with plenty of features which include solid surface countertop, ceramic floors, wood species, various styles of cabinets, plumbing fixtures, exterior finishes etc.

Despite of so many benefits and options, modular homes are quite a budgetary option for you. They can save you many bucks. As they are constructed indoors, they can be built very quickly in weeks only instead of months as there are no weather delays. Even there are no material delays and hence there is less cost of labor and these factors make modular homes less expensive. However it also has price ranges. If the design of the home is more complex than the price will be higher and on a contrary if design is simple, price will be lower.

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