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Installing A Stone Wall In Your Home

Stone Wall in homeThere is something extremely appealing about stone-walls. It gives a very vintage feel to the place. If you have a fairly large house and you want to give your home a facelift, then you can try your hand at decorating the place by building a stone-wall. You would need to chalk pout a plan and place for this project as it would bring about a big change to whichever room you choose for this.

• Choose an area for your stone wall

Many people choose the drawing room for this kind of a wall. If you have a replace in your den or study then this would enhance the feel of the room in a great manner. You could also choose to put a stone wall in your kitchen for a classic French or Irish feel.

• Type of stone wall

The type of stone wall you choose for your enhancement is also an important factor to consider. You can use faux stone, if your budget is not that high. Otherwise, you can go for a brick veneer option for a little higher budget. If you’re planning to get the genuine stuff, then you can definitely go for the stone veneer.

• Plan it out

You must always make sure that the measurements of the walls and the stone pieces are fixed properly. You should consult with your constructor about this so that everything is perfectly planned. You can go for similar sized stone pieces or you can even go for a varied pattern for a more natural look.

• Managing the money

For the budget cuts, you can get your own raw materials. Some constructors give a discount if you get your own raw materials. Buying them in bulk would save you some money too.